We are so delighted you are here visiting us at Prettyshore Boutique! Here at Prettyshore we love anything “Pretty”, Vintage & Beautiful, bringing to you those magical delights that are precious and make your heart sing.

I have always loved and desired to be surrounded by beautiful things. The beauty of the ocean as the waves drift in and out or the sounds, sight and smells of a babbling brook surrounded by tall trees as the sunshine twinkles through onto the green grass, the balm of walking through mystical woods or a rainforest as you hear the birds singing their song, the beauty in a good belly laugh with like-minded people and the ridiculous in everyday…my passion is to inspire and surround you with beautiful things… to escape and treat your mind, body and soul…allow you to engross in creativity, be yourself and meet kindred spirits… in the know with the latest fashion trends, tricks and how to…spending your time mindfully and considering the joy you get out of life…

Through this blog will be snippets & ideas to enrich your lifestyle whether you visit our store at Prettyshore Boutique in Kiama where we welcome you to our oasis of calm and retail therapy, joining us at one of our inspirational workshops or can only visit us here…we celebrate together our love affair with Beauty! 

With love & grace,

Sandi x