It has always been my dream to create a welcoming space that brings people together to make, create and learn. So we are currently in the process of doing just that…which is sooo exciting. We will be creating our own studio/workshop space in our little store to SHOP/MAKE/CREATE! The thing I am looking forward to the most is helping others in our community see how simple and enjoyable making your own can be…its never too late to  start your creative journey!

There seems to be a rush in today’s Western world to “find your passion”, with so many of us feeling lost in our 30’s and 40’s, searching for our “thing”. But the wiser (perhaps older) amongst us know it’s far more important to be curios. Look around your community and you’ll find women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and older involved in all sorts of creative enterprises.

The brain has no age limit. Research shows that changes in the brain after mid-life can even facilitate creativity. The right and left hemispheres become increasingly integrated, learned ideas come together in new combinations – we can draw on a vast storehouse of life long learning to be expressed in unique, fresh and complex ways. And contrary to what was previously believed, the brain is capable of positive change throughout life… it just depends on us being involved in activities that optimally stimulate novelty, complexity and problem solving. The sense of achievement in creating something you made and seeing the end product is so rewarding and inspiring. 

These days women re-invent themselves at different ages. I have always been a creative person. My work as a Trainer in Healthcare for the last 40+ years meant that I constantly had to devise new ways of helping the people I taught become more aware of self limiting beliefs and experiences. I believe that nothing is fixed in a person and that change occurs by finding out more of who we are through the awareness process. Not to mention the fun, friendly chit chat and laughter we have at our gatherings!

At any age, and particularly in later decades, if you try something new or reclaim lost interests, you will find out just how much you can expand who you are.

I hope I leave you feeling a little inspired!

PS Our new 2019 DAISYchain Workshops are now up and available on this website under WORKSHOPS. We have new and exciting Workshops in the pipeline so keep an eye out on Instagram/Facebook/In store or on our Website. Cheers to a Happy New Year of learning and thank you for all of your support during 2018. You have been AMAZING!! 

With love & grace,

Sandi x