There are many ways of styling essential items in a new wardrobe, so it might feel a little overwhelming when you first start to experiment with a new approach to style, and finding your own look. I’ve tried to make it easier by putting together a list of some Do’s and Don’ts:


  1. Remember, less is more – a simple outfit does not equal a boring outfit.
  2. Always choose quality over quantity – but also keep in mind that quality does not merely equal expensive designer brands.
  3. It’s all in the details – always look for unusual new details and integrate them in a way you like.
  4. Use more jewellery – it adds personality.
  5. Build a solid basic wardrobe – this will help you avoid a clothes crises.
  6. Use colours that suit your skin tone.
  7. Mix materials/textures – it creates contrasts and freshens your look.
  8. Layer-on-layer adds more dimensions to your outfit.
  9. Choose comfort over everything else.
  10. Use eye catching accessories. 


I actually do not comply with some of fashion’s absolute don’ts, which is also why I won’t give you any. Fashion is constantly evolving and an innovative industry. Old trends I had long since sworn I would never wear have become personal favourites. This usually happens when the right designer leaves their mark on a well known item, or simply a result of getting older and our personal tastes evolve. So never say die! Although I won’t give you any don’ts there is one thing I definitely do try to avoid:

  1. Poor quality basic items made of purely artificial materials are best avoided. This sort of fabric does not “breathe” and basically, they are just not very comfortable! 

I hope I leave you feeling a little inspired!

With love & grace,

Sandi x