Where my wardrobe was once stuffed full of corporate suits and dresses, it is now a gold mine of classic denim staples, relaxed style linen tops and layered dresses and oversized knit sweaters. Rather than fighting against this change, I’ve really embraced it – I’m not apologetic about the fact that my style has relaxed (I really want to be a hippy from the 60’s), as my outfits have become so much more practical for the lifestyle I currently lead. Here are the three basic steps that helped me match up my wardrobe with my lifestyle…

What does a typical week look like for you?

The key to identifying the right mix of clothing for your lifestyle is to look at a typical week in blocks. How much time are you spending working out or in gym clothes? Do you go out for dinner dates regularly? Do you have a corporate job, are you retired or are you still a student at university?

There’s no point fixating on building up two-thirds of your wardrobe solely for casual clothes to wear on the weekend, if you spent five days a week working in a corporate office job (even if casual clothing really is your thing).

I’d recommend identifying not only what your typical week looks like (in terms of activities), but also identifying the make up of your wardrobe too, as it’ll allow you to easily pinpoint areas of your wardrobe where you are over-compensating, and areas where you might be somewhat lacking.

Some of the types of clothing categories to think about are: casual wear (for lounging around the house), professional wear (for wearing to a corporate office), formal wear (options to wear to weddings or other formal events), active wear (gym clothes or similar for exercise or hiking), smart casual (for creative work industries or when you want to elevate a relaxed outfit, and finally, occasion wear (for dates, partying, or semi-relaxed special occasions).

Be honest about what your wardrobe does and doesn’t need.

There’s no point in having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. What does your closet need more of? Are there any areas where you can perhaps cut back to just your favourites? What items do you tend to reach for the most? Is there anything you feel uncomfortable wearing?

It only takes one quick glance at my closet to see I don’t really need anything, and it’s because I’ve been practical about what I’ve been adding to my closet recently, that I really know where my the strengths of my wardrobe currently lie. I’ve parted with most corporate-style garments; these quickly became obsolete when I started working in my retail store 2 years ago, though I have a few semi-formal pieces which can easily be dressed up if needed. For me, this is pretty sufficient as I’ll generally alternate between casual dresses and a nice pair of jeans for day-to-day in the cooler months.

Make a Shopping List!

It’s not hard to get side tracked when you’re browsing for something new. I know that whenever I pop into the shops, I usually find myself picking up a few cheeky ‘wild card’ items on my way to the dressing room. And when you try something on and it’s cute, it’s pretty difficult to talk yourself out of the purchase – I mean, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already planned out at least three ways to wear it with items you already own.

My best tip for keeping on track is to make a quick list of items that you do and don’t need in your phone, that you can easily refer back to before you find yourself in the dressing room with a bunch of impractical – yet gorgeous – pieces, which don’t match up with your lifestyle. Because I am on the larger size and vertically challenged this is a really important tool for me so that I am not wasting my time trying on outfits that clearly are not suited to my shape and height.

My list looks a little something like this… To buy: faded blue jeans and cropped denim jackets (everyone knows I am partial to DENIM), classic linen dresses/tops, long black singlet dress, kimono’s, classic boho dresses/tops, and ankle length slim line trousers. To avoid buying: collared blouses (unless they are fitted to my shape), wide legged style jeans, tops that highlight my lower tummy area, black cardigans and satin shirts/dresses.

Depending on your needs, your lifestyle, and your personal style, your own shopping list might look a little different, but, I do find that this is such an effective trick to buy clothing items that you’ll actually wear.

Do you base your wardrobe around your lifestyle, or do you buy clothing that you just love the look of (regardless of how it works for you, day-to-day)?

I hope I leave you feeling a little inspired!

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With love & grace,

Sandi x