One of my favourite fabrics to wear is Denim. I am a sucker for Denim jackets and I have about 15 in different colours in my wardrobe! I can NEVER EVER get rid of my denim pieces no matter how hard I try….they are so versatile and always ready on hand to come to the rescue at times when the weather gets a bit chilly or when my outfit needs that little something extra…some of my denim favs hold a memory, part of my life history, go way back, can tell a story or two and are part of my family…

Did you know? It is thought that the name ‘denim” comes from the French Serge de Nimes, a fabric used from the 1600s in Europe for practical farm clothes and furnishings. But it wasn’t until 1873 that denim really took off after the US businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis made the first pair of jeans using small copper rivets to strengthen the seams. At first, jeans were worn by men doing hard manual labour, like cowboys and railroad builders because denim lasted longer than other materials. By the 1930’s jeans had started to become fashionable, partly thanks to cowboy movies. And when rock star Elvis Presley and Hollywood cool guys James Dean and Marlon Brando made their debuts wearing jeans in the 1950’s denim became the ultimate sign of youth and rebellion. Maybe I am a rebel at heart?

Denim’s blue colour (my fav colour) originally came from a dye called Indigo which was made from tropical plants. For hundreds of years it was the most popular natural dye because it fixed to fabric so easily but most denim today is made using much cheaper artificial dye.

Styling inspiration: What I do to dress up my denim jacket is to style with my Grandma’s vintage diamonte brooches grouped together or use one of my handmade quirky brooches, do some embroidery or by sewing lace on pockets. Fraying the denim at the hem is also a recent trend both with denim jeans or jackets. Changing the buttons with a pop of colour buttons. People are always coming up with new ways to wear their denim treasures. 

In my mind YOU are never too old for a bit of Denim in your life….

I hope I leave you feeling a little inspired!

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With love & grace,

Sandi x